Local Selling Tips




Preparing for Buyers

  • Mow and edge lawn; clean front porch and door.
  • Consider fresh paint, wallpaper, and professional carpet cleaning. This small investment will often increase your home’s value tremendously.
  • Take the time to clean out excess items now ( give to Goodwill for a tax deduction). Not only will it make your move easier, but it will help your house show better.  Closets, cabinets, and garages should be given particular attention.
  • Small repairs should be made now(i.e., leaky faucets, loose knobs, doors, and windows that stick.)
  • Kitchen and bathrooms should be spotless.

​Showing Your Home

  • Leave the buyers and their agent alone. Your presence will often stifle the buyer’s true reaction (good or bad) and eliminate your home as a possibility. If they have questions, let them come and find you.
  • Light will make your home more appealing, during the day, make sure all curtains and blinds are open.  For even showing, turn on all lights brefore the buyer arrives.
  • Loud televisions or stereos are not a good sales tool.  Turn them down or off.
  • Pets are best out of the way, especially if they are active or noisy.